July 4, 2020

Tayyar Tawhid

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The political document
why the Lebanese unification trend

Because we believe that the totality of the relations that Lebanon faced and faces in its sovereignty, freedom, democracy, and independence are nothing but manifestations and manifestations of the major crisis, which are the internal divisions, which contributed to the consecration of sectarianism and sectarianism, at the expense of the homeland, development and the future, and have helped and are still the interests of the factional interests of the men of the political feudalism and others on the state of fragmentation And division to fight correction and reform to keep their own privileges. And because we realize that there is no substitute for the unity of the people in order to preserve the unity of the land, and that we have a great challenge ahead to achieve our dream of a stable and prosperous homeland, this challenge begins with a change in perceptions related to man, country, and citizenship.

The concept of coexistence brought us to the conflict because it was launched and is still from a narrow culture, so let us cross from it to the concept of broad citizenship, which connects the Lebanese with the close civil unified bond between all of its sons on a solid basic pillar that ensures justice and equality for all Lebanese within the framework of the state of law and institutions. And because we realize that dialogue, not fighting, is the method of communication between the Lebanese, and that the policy of unifying and developing Lebanon is not upright except with the strong and active participation of all people, based on the fact that the people of Lebanon are one in every part of their land, which necessitates having one national affiliation and one development policy. There is no development for any team from Lebanon without the development of the other team, nor development for any region without the development of other regions.

Stabilization of national unity cannot be achieved without a comprehensive awareness and education movement that insures this because our goal is for national unity to become a living reality instead of being artificial or compressed. And because we realize that this goal will be achieved only through the exercise of governance in the presence of a state based on law and institutions and the ability to make a free and independent decision. And because we believe that the activation of the state of law, social justice and institutions does not take place without the publication of an organized and effective movement, improving and rooting these goals.
And because we feel that any negligence or failure to spread these goals and the struggle for them will remain Lebanon within unannounced states and cantons, and the result will be a new war that will be paid by our children as we paid the price of the last war.

And because we realize that this was the current